In-Prison Leadership Training - Community ParticipantsIn-Prison Leadership Training - Community ParticipantsPHOENIX Rising Transitions is a nonprofit organization in the Portland (Oregon) metropolitan area. We work in prisons and the community partnering with those who are incarcerated to make a smooth and successful transition into the community as they are released. Our goal is to transform lives and reduce the likelihood that people will commit new crimes and return to prison. We do this through skill-building and relationship-building, both before and after release from prison.We also aim to transform the community in order to make successful transition more attainable. We do this through community organizing action.

We know that building relationships between those who are incarcerated and members of the community is paramount to successful prison-to-community transition. And new ways of thinking — communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills — are essential to the personal transformation necessary to deal with the stresses of returning to community life. Our projects fall into two categories:

  • Community In-Reach — Volunteers go into the prison to participate in trainings and classes to teach and learn alongside incarcerated students. The relationships that are fostered are the basis of mentor relationships that continue in the community. Classes offered are Relational Culture Strategies (leadership development) and Nonviolent Communication (NVC).
  • In-the-Community — Community organizing-style leadership training and Nonviolent Communication classes continue in the community. The Mentor Project matches a community volunteer, an ex-convict Cultural Advisor and the mentee for one year. The Core Team develops actions in the community to eliminate obstacles to successful transition.


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